Website Traffic Data: 3 Essentials

website traffic data

Checking website traffic data with excellent analytics tools like Google Analytics will give you lots of insight about the strengths and weaknesses of your site and promotion strategies. The following three things are essential to check to get a basic picture:

1. Search Engine Spiders and Human Visitors

You need plenty of both for a successful site.

Search engine spiders catalogue and record your site in the search engine’s databases. It’s important to be catalogued properly based on what your site is offering, and that’s where good SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.

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Human visitors are crucial for the success of a site. You also want to attract quality visitors who aren’t just looking for free stuff and/or won’t contribute to whatever cause or ideas you’re promoting even if you aren’t selling anything.

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2. Where Visitors Come From

Website traffic data can show you where your visitors are from (country, for example) and how they got to your site (search engine, website that has your site’s link on it, social media site, etc). If you find that one source of traffic is good (many people are finding your site via a search engine, for example) you’ll know that what you’re doing is working to attract that particular source.

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3. Most and Least Popular Pages 

Analytics will show you how successful each page is on your site. You can use that information to determine what needs to be enhanced and changed. For example, if the data shows you that lots of people are reading a particular blog post on your site, you can enhance that post by adding a free optin of some kind, and/or link to other pages on your blog.

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