“Would You Like To Get More Customers, Sales and Profits By Learning How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?”

If “Yes” then our Traffic Ten system is your solution – Guaranteed!

Have you put a lot of work, time and money into your website but you’re not getting the results that you hoped for?

You have good content, and perhaps a bit of search engine optimization (SEO), but your site doesn’t seem to be getting many visitors, and you aren’t making enough sales?

Did you know that to increase traffic enough to make your website successful you need to spend 80% of your time NOT on your website, but on:

Marketing Your Website via Traffic Generation

Learning how to increase traffic to your website doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

The problem is that the successful internet marketing experts who offer how-tos about increasing web traffic often don’t explain things clearly. You’re left filling in the gaps about how to do what they advise to get worthwhile results.

That’s why we created Traffic Ten:

By Following the Strategies in Traffic Ten, You Can Make a Remarkable Difference, Boosting Your Website Traffic and the Success of Your Business.

In Traffic Ten, you get:

Simple How-Tos for 10 Ways that Successful Internet Marketers

Draw Hundreds to Thousands of Quality Visitors to Their Websites 

Who Are We?

Justyna Bizdra Lillea Raychel

Hi, we’re Justyna Bizdra and Lillea Raychel.

We’re internet entrepreneurs who have invested time and money in information products and training to learn about internet marketing to promote our websites.

We knew how important it was to learn how to increase traffic to our sites, but we couldn’t find reliable, clear, how-tos all in one place.

After studying and testing different strategies, including following the helpful advice of the formerly “underground” Australian marketing expert James Schramko, we put together Traffic Ten.

Traffic Ten is, essentially, a “how to increase traffic blueprint”.

By using the methods in Traffic Ten, we greatly increased the traffic to our sites within a short period of time. Now we can confidently say that these methods work well for us, and many other successful website owners that we know.

Traffic Ten is the kind of guide that we WISH we had in our hands when we first started to learn about online business. So that’s why we created it – to help other people save time, money and frustration (and it’s still our go-to reference for marketing our own sites).

10 Ways Traffic Ten is Different from Other Guides on How to Increase Traffic: 

# 1. 10 powerful ways to increase traffic to your websites explained clearly, step-by-step, in plain English – no confusing techie lingo.

  • First we define, in straight forward language, what each traffic generation method is.
  • Next we tell you, step-by-step, how to implement each method.
  • Finally we list the tools and services that you need for best results – just click on the links in Traffic Ten and you’ll be taken directly to them.

#2. SEO simplified greatly so even non ”techie” people can understand it and use it successfully.

#3. Access to excellent FREE keyword research training so you’ll have the best resource available to build the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts.

#4. The majority of tools and services we recommend are free, or very low cost, yet they’re all used by top marketers.

#5. Exclusive insider tips.

We’ve learned from the best of the best, including Aussie millionaire marketer James Schramko. You’ll benefit from the behind-the-scenes information that they have privately shared with us.

#6. Tried and true methods that have been thoroughly tested by successful internet entrepreneurs.

#7. Strategies and tools that work for both beginner AND advanced marketers.

#8. 3 reliable ways to track how much traffic your sites are getting so you’ll be able to monitor your results as you go.

#9. A special 11th section on outsourcing with 2 professional mind maps.

#10. Friendly authors who remember, all too well, what it’s like to be new to online marketing and are happy to answer your questions.



Traffic Ten Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is a short, time-saving guide with bullet points that offers a quick summary of Traffic Ten and gives you helpful information on 15 different sources of traffic including Web 2.0 Properties and Powerful Pinging Sites.

What people are saying about Traffic Ten:


Lillea and Justyna have put together a nice and easy guide for getting traffic to your website – well done.
James Schramko – SuperFastBusiness.com

Marta EichstaedtJustyna and Lillea created a unique guide. It will lead, by the hand, anyone who wants their website to appear high in search engine ranking. Why is it unique? It is written in easy to understand language, not techie slang that is understandable only by IT gurus. Also they recommend tools that are available to everyone to get targeted web traffic, and everything is written step-by-step.
Marta Eichstaedt – Webcomm.eu

Many congratulations to Justyna and Lillea for bringing together in one power packed PDF TEN strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website. From SEO to Social Bookmarking to RSS Feed… TRAFFIC TEN sets out in easy to follow steps What it is, How to do it and gives you Useful links and plugins to make doing it oh so easy.
Presented in a clear and easy to follow format, especially for the non techie, this eBook is just what most of us have been waiting for.
If you run an online business and want to increase sales or have a blog and want more comments, TRAFFIC TEN provides you with all you need to know for generating targeted traffic and helping you with your online success.
Keith DavisEasyPublicSpeaking.co.uk


Examples of the tips and tools we offer in Traffic Ten:

  • links to the best free keyword software – and if you upgrade to the affordable paid version, you’ll get features that will help you with pretty much everything else in Traffic Ten
  • a very effective, little used, forum posting strategy from “Consulting Tycoon” Kyle Tully
  • why you should look for “buying keywords”
  • the kind of blogs you should comment on and how to find them
  • how to wisely and effectively use social media, with a special section on Twitter
  • good resources to learn how to create quality articles for your sites and promotional efforts
  • how to recycle the content on your site in ways that visitors and customers will love and won’t get you in trouble for duplicate content
  • how to easily create video and audio files for FREE to put on your sites


IMPORTANT – Please Note:

Traffic Ten is not a make-money-fast spam type product.
Greatly increasing the traffic to your sites won’t happen overnight. It will likely take at least a week to see results after you start to use the methods in Traffic Ten. As long as you are consistent with your efforts, you’ll see notable improvement within a few weeks to a month with an upward trend overall. 


Your Purchase is Automatically Backed By

Traffic Ten Satisfaction

A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, after reading Traffic Ten, you don’t feel like you’ve learned enough about how to increase traffic to your website, write to us within 60 days of your purchase date and we’ll refund your money, NO Questions Asked.

Sonya McLeodWhen I was setting up my homeopathy business, I was lucky to have Lillea as a resource to help set myself up online. She advised me about simple ways to help boost my website ranking in Google and ways to perfect my blog.
Sure enough, after taking her advice, my rankings soared. All of the advice she gave me was effective and easy to learn. So, if the advice worked for me, it could surely work excellently for the average person who wants to be an effective internet marketer but does not want to put in the time and research.
The advice that Lillea gave me is in Traffic Ten. I think it’s worth the price of the book many times over.
My website and blog are both successful. I have the advice found in Traffic Ten to thank for that.
Sonya McLeod, BA, DCH
Little Mountain Homeopathy
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Ready to Try Traffic Ten?

Yes, I understand that Traffic Ten includes:

check-largeStep-by-step clear instructions about 10 effective traffic generation strategies

check-largeLinks to excellent free and low cost tools and services to help me implement each strategy

check-largeExclusive insider tips from respected marketers like James Schramko and Kyle Tully

check-largeThe Bonus Traffic Ten Cheat Sheet


check-large100% 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


check-largeAND FREE Lifetime Updates (if we need to update anything in Traffic Ten, we will send you an email notice so you can download the latest edition at no cost)


Buy Traffic Ten Now: $24.99

You will need the FREE 7-zip or similar to open your download files and the FREE Adobe Reader to read the pdf files. They should download immediately, but the speed depends on your internet service provider.

All the best to you,

Lillea Raychel and Justyna Bizdra

P.S. We’re more than happy to answer your questions about Traffic Ten, and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.