Targeted Web Site Traffic: 3 Tips for How to Get It

targeted web traffic

A common problem that online entrepreneurs face is not getting enough traffic to their sites. But even if they solve that problem, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get lots of sales.

Targeted traffic can help. If the traffic is targeted, it means that the visitors your site attracts are more likely to buy the product or service you offer, because they’re searching for something that you are providing, right now.

3 Tips to Help You Get Targeted Web Site Traffic:

1. Do keyword research to find out what people are actually searching for online that relates to what you want to sell.

When you’re doing your research, look for a good search volume with buying keywords.

What are buying keywords? Think about the kind of searches you do when you’re looking to buy something online. For example, you might enter specific model numbers, the product name + review, or words like book, service, course, into Google.

By learning which buying words people are using when searching online, you can zero in on what they may be willing to buy. That way you can use those words on your site whenever appropriate so Google will index your site for them. If you don’t find a demand for the kind of product or service you’re offering during your research, it’s usually best to find something else to sell.

2. Go to where your most enthusiastic customer are and communicate with them.

Online forums and blogs devoted to specific topics can be great places to find potential customers. Spend some time posting on those forums and blogs, leaving a link to your site in your signature file in forums, or in the spot for your url on blogs, to build links and meet people who might be keen to buy what you’re offering

3. Create podcasts and videos that will appeal to your customers.

Audio and video are two great ways to get attention online. By creating short, compelling recordings and uploading them to your site, and also to podcast and video directories, marked with buying keywords, you can get lots of very targeted web site traffic.

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