Should I Create a Blog in a Subfolder or Subdomain of My Website, or on a Different Domain?

Blogging options

Running a professional blog is a very important aspect of building online presence and expertise for both individual site owners and companies. Publishing valuable articles about your hobby, services or whatever you are offering on your website helps to attract readers and potential clients. It will encourage people to try what you have to offer and to follow your blog to learn from your expertise.

What’s the best approach to building a blog?

Apart from creating great, valuable content, it’s important to build the blog in a way that adds the most value to your business.

The best approach is to create the blog in either a subfolder or subdomain of your website so it’s attached to your website. Below are what your blog’s url would look like, respectively, for creating the blog on a subfolder or subdomain.

Both options will help you to create content that search engines will index quickly. That in turn will help your website rank well in search engines so you can attract more visitors and greatly improve your results online.

The least useful solution is to create a blog on a separate domain. Separate domain means different websites (urls) for your main website and your blog. Search engines will index the content of 2 separate properties, but even if you have links on your blog that point to your main website, search engines won’t rank your primary website based on that, apart from creating backlinks. Therefore it’s best to have your blog connected to your website.

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