Do Not Make the Mistake of Neglecting RSS Marketing

RSS MarketingThe key to driving targeted web traffic to your sites and making more sales and conversions is to become a multi-channel internet marketer. Concentrating on only one traffic source is dangerous because it’s too limited. What if you lose that source thanks to an external circumstance that you can’t control?

Also, it looks more natural when information about your website(s) is available in different places online. You’ve likely have the experience of visiting a website and clicking on a link on that site that took you to another website, a site that you might not know about were it not for that link. That’s what you want for your own sites: backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site on other websites.

Even if you’re using several traffic generation methods now, like article marketing, blog commenting, and forum posting, you should consider adding RSS marketing to increase your online exposure.

What is RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s related to the feed of your blog or website. RSS is basically the standard of syndication for websites. To see a site’s RSS feed, you need a reader or aggregator.

Most websites are equipped with an RSS feed. If they don’t have one, there are different types of software that will create one.

6 Benefits of RSS marketing

  1. Feed is another way to display the content of your sites. Your visitors can subscribe to your feeds through various feed readers such as Goggle Reader, Yahoo, and Newsgator, and also through desktop applications or even through e-mail, which increases your online exposure.
  2. People who subscribe to your feed are automatically updated when new content is published on your site or blog. That saves them, and you, lots of time and effort. They can quickly and easily read your new articles, and you don’t have to worry about preparing and sending the content to them yourself.
  3. The delivery rate is said to be 100%, which obviously outperforms any autoresponder service. However, for best results we recommend creating both an e-mail subscribers list and RSS feed subscribers list.
  4. Your feed can be easily published on other blogs and submitted to RSS feed directories. This creates backlinks to your website and drives more traffic to it.
  5. You can place ads in your feed. For example, you can synchronize your Feedburner feed with Google Adsense. This can bring you extra revenue.
  6. Thanks to new technologies, you can also display images, audio and video files in your feed to make it more attractive to readers.

What’s important RSS marketing is free, provided you don’t use paid software to automate your feed submissions. You can also start RSS campaigns right away.

Want to learn more about RSS marketing, and how to do it step-by-step? We devote a chapter to it in Traffic Ten.

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