More Great Places to Promote Blog Posts

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We covered the 3 Best Ways to Promote Blog Posts, but there are a few more excellent places to promote blog posts, including participating in online forums that cover topics that fit your niche.

To use forums effectively to promote your blog, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure that you’re following the forum’s rules about what’s okay to include in forum posts and the signature for your profile. For example, a link to your site in your signature is ideal if it’s allowed. If you don’t follow forum rules, you risk being banned, so if you’re unsure about the rules, write to one of the forum moderators to ask.

2. Participate in the forum by commenting and asking questions genuinely about other members posts. Forums are communities so even when members are allowed to promote their products and services, it shouldn’t be done exclusively. Blatantly selling your products and services will usually be viewed as spammy and you might be banned.

3. Invite questions and comments about any blog posts that you share – don’t just post a link. Be interactive.

4. Check regularly for comments and messages from other members about what you posted. Do your best to respond to people within a short period of time – several days at most. It’s important to show members that you’re a trustworthy person who cares about fellow members and potential customers.


In Traffic Ten we offer more tips and techniques that will help you to promote your blog posts, including a secret strategy that a very successful internet marketer uses on forums that you can try too.

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