Should I Create a Blog in a Subfolder or Subdomain of My Website, or on a Different Domain?

Blogging options

Running a professional blog is a very important aspect of building online presence and expertise for both individual site owners and companies. Publishing valuable articles about your hobby, services or whatever you are offering on your website helps to attract readers and potential clients. It will encourage people to try what you have to offer and to follow your blog to learn from your expertise.

What’s the best approach to building a blog?

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Advantages of Publishing Multimedia Content

Multimedia content


The internet is multimedia-rich because information can be conveyed in the following ways and more: text including video transcription, image, audio, video, and slideshow.

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What’s the Best Solution to Develop a Blog:,, or maybe

blogging platforms

Blogging is a powerful way to build your online presence either as an expert in a chosen niche or to share your stories with friends and new readers.

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The Most Popular Social Media Platforms You Should Have An Account With

social media platforms


Social media platforms are websites that function as online communities. Members of social media sites can interact with each other based on common interests, and network for business purposes.

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What is Duplicate Content and Why Should You Avoid It


duplicate content


Duplicate content is when the same, or very similar, pages on a website are in more than one place (url) online.

Duplicate content makes it difficult for search engines like Google to determine which site (the original or duplicate version) to list in search results.

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