Online Sales Training: The Best Methods for Increasing Web Site Traffic

A vital part of online sales training is learning the best methods for increasing web site traffic, otherwise known as traffic generation.


You need lots of quality visitors to come to your site in order to make enough sales to generate a profit.

Both human visitors and ‘bots’ are important (bots help to record your site in the search engines). Therefore, no matter how great your site, products and services and copyrighting are, without a good amount of traffic, your efforts will likely be wasted.

Good online sales training products and courses cover many components of internet marketing. They will cover traffic generation, but often they don’t give it the full attention that it deserves. Clear step-by-step instructions are harder to find than you might think, even from the best teachers.

That’s why we created Traffic Ten. We know that increasing web site traffic is such an important part of online success. It definitely deserves special attention. In Traffic Ten we cover the best methods in clear language so even a non-techie person can follow along. We wish that we had this guide when we first started online. It would have saved us a LOT of time and money.

We love hearing from our customers and the success they’ve had with what we offer in Traffic Ten.

Please see our sales page to read the Traffic Ten testimonials, and join our customer list today.

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  • Good online sales training is very critical. I agree with you that no matter how great your products, services, and copywriting without the proper tools you will end up disappointed because no one can find you.

    • Justyna

      Hi Corinne,

      thanks for your comment.
      John Carlton repeats that there are so many great products out there but many of them die on the graveyard of great products ;).
      Good online sales training is crucial.

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