How to Check Website Traffic

 how to check website traffic

You can easily find out how much traffic (human and search engine spider visits) your website is getting with free and low cost tools and techniques.

It’s important to look at your traffic data regularly to verify that what you’re doing to promote your site is paying off. If you aren’t seeing at least a small increase in traffic within a month with the traffic generation strategies that you’re using, you’ll need to change your approach. 

Excellent Free Tool to Check Website Traffic

One of the most popular and simple ways to monitor traffic is Google’s free service Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will tell you how many people and search engine spiders are visiting your site in a given period of time, which pages are the most popular, the duration of each visit, where the visitors came from (for example which country they’re in and if they accessed the link to your site via a search engine or website) and other helpful data. The service is accessible to anyone with a Google Gmail account.

To use Google Analytics, sign up for the service and enter the information that Google requires. A special code will be generated to install on your site. After installation traffic monitoring begins! You can login to your Google Analytics account at any time to read the detailed website traffic reports that the service can generate.

You’ll find helpful information about how the service works, how to install it and more on the official website:

Google Analytics is one of the best tools to check website traffic, but to really zero in on how well your website is doing you should use other analytic tools and techniques too.

In Traffic Ten we offer tips, tools and techniques that you can add to Google Analytics to check your website traffic thoroughly and easily. What’s Traffic Ten? Find out here.

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