Guaranteed Website Traffic Tips

guaranteed website traffic


Some internet marketing products and services are promoted with the claim that if you use them your site will have guaranteed website traffic (in other words, lots of human visitors and search engine spiders visiting your site).

Looking at it realistically, it’s true that most sites will get some traffic if any effort is put into promoting the site, but to have a shot at attracting enough traffic for, at least, moderate success online, it’s important to do several things that are known to work particularly well, monitor them regularly to see if they’re working, and tweak or change them when needed.


The “how-to” of traffic generation can seem confusing and complex to someone who is new to internet marketing. Often strategies aren’t explained as clearly as they could be. We experienced a lot of frustration when we were first learning about how to promote our websites. Eventually we discovered a marketer who was more straightforward than most and that made things a lot easier for us. The combination of what we learned the hard way, and what we learned in a much easier way, lead to the creation of our traffic generation e-book Traffic Ten.


5 Tips for Guaranteed Website Traffic


1. Learn the basics of SEO. It’s essential.

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2. Add several tried-and-true traffic generation strategies that are up-to-date.

3. Monitor your progress with website analytics software, like the free Google Analytics.

4. If something is working well (the analytics software will help you to verify that) do more of it.

5. Be prepared to make changes and add or switch strategies when needed to stay current.


Traffic Ten teaches you ten reliable website traffic generation strategies, step-by-stepWe update Traffic Ten as needed to keep it current, and anyone who purchases a copy will get all future editions for free.


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