What to Look for When Choosing the Right Feed Generator

RSS MarketingAs we mentioned in our previous article, websites are equipped with one feed. Although the feed updates whenever new content is published, the feed URL stays the same. This obviously limits the number of RSS directory submissions you can do to increase your online exposure, build more backlinks and drive more traffic to your websites. That’s why you should consider  adding a feed generator as an important part of your RSS marketing campaigns.

A feed generator will generate a new feed every time you publish new content. The new feed will have its own unique URL which can be easily and safely submitted to various valuable RSS directories.

There are several solutions that you can choose from. The better the feed generator, the more successful your RSS marketing can be. Before you invest any money, however, into any software you should do some research.

Important questions to ask when deciding which feed generator to use:

  1. Can it be installed on WordPress and non-Wordpress websites?
  2. Can it create feeds for websites which don’t have a feed built in?
  3. Can it automatically submit new feeds to feed directories?
  4. Can it be installed on an unlimited number of domains?
  5. Will it be compatible with your operating system?
  6. How good is the product’s support?

We have researched the market, and the software we recommend is Web Traffic Genius.

It meets all of the above criteria: it’s a powerful feed generator and submission plugin that can be used both on WordPress and non-Wordpress websites, it can create feeds for websites which don’t have a feed built in, you can install it on unlimited number of domains, it is compatible with all operating systems and product support is excellent.

Time is money, after all, so save time by outsourcing some of your marketing tasks by using powerful feed generator and submission software like Web Trafic Genius.

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