About Us

We are both passionate about online business.

Before venturing into the world of internet marketing, Justyna had a successful legal and managerial career, and Lillea had a successful career in childcare, education and health research.

Although we valued what we learned and experienced in our respective careers, something was missing. We both craved flexibility, creative expression and, ultimately, freedom. This led both of us to discover the amazing opportunities in online business.

Determined to find the best strategies and tools, we saved both time and money by applying our research skills to find the best internet marketers in the world to learn from. Now we enjoy sharing what we’ve discovered with like-minded others who would like to start, or improve, their own online business.


Justyna Bizdra & Lillea Raychel

To learn more about us, and the internet marketing services that we offer, please visit our websites:

Justyna Bizdra’s Website Development with SEO Service  and Blog

Lillea Raychel’s Website Article Writing Service