3 Best Ways to Promote Blog Posts

 promote blog posts


For maximum exposure online, you should promote your blogs posts in several ways.


1. Popular Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

By posting links to your blog posts on popular social media sites you encourage site members who are interested in your niche to visit your blog. If they like what they read, they’ll be more likely to share links to your posts with other members increasing your post’s exposure online quickly.


2. Video Marketing

Adding videos on your site and uploading them to several online video directories can generate a lot of traffic to your site. People like to watch short videos on subjects that interest them, sometimes preferring that to reading articles. Google indexes videos so you can improve your site’s search engine rank by using them.

 There are 4 types of videos that work well for video marketing:

 Talking head – film yourself talking

II Screen capture – use screen capture software to record what’s happening on your computer screen, combined with your voice, to create how-to videos

III Multimedia use software to create videos that are a combination of audio text and images, or audio and slide presentations

IV Recorded webinars – use software to record webinars (online seminars) then edit the recording and convert it into video


 3. Podcasting

Podcasts are audio or video recordings that are released episodically, delivered and downloaded through RSS feeds. People can subscribe to podcasts to receive updates about new episodes for free. If you create a regular podcast, it’s somewhat like having your own radio show. The most popular podcasts online have many subscribers.

Podcast files can be downloaded to a computer or transferred to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. They help drive targeted traffic to your website and get you valuable backlinks (links to your website).

In Traffic Ten you’ll learn, step-by-step, the best methods to promote your blogs posts with social media, video and podcasting. 

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